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Sports car for families logo 3/11/2015 livesmile

It may be difficult to think of a better *sports* car that can carry four people in comfort. This is as much a sports car as typical driving situations allows nowadays. In my view, to enjoy any more sportiness you need to go to the tracks, so it is a moot point for me to demand additional driving dynamics when I can't use them 95% of the time. The 335i GT is perfect blend of power, handling, and comfort. It looks great from most angles except may be a couple of side ones. The iDrive system is flawless. The only thing that could improve it in my view would be gesture recognition, which BMW is already working on. The sport mode is awesome and makes me forget that it is a GT and not a 3sedan.

Favorite Feature : HUD. Browsing music in HUD. Navigation in HUD. Integration with Google (Send to car and online search features). Adaptive cruise (stop and go is awesome, no need to use feet at all). Start and stop (yes I use it all the time-- works without vibrations, jerks etc. and is very quick, and also work automatically with adaptive cruise automatically). Panoramic roof. Space in the trunk. And kick-action for opening the trun.

Suggested Improvement : Lane keeping assist. Front camera to give a 360 degree surround view. Temperature sync for dual zones. Control of rear air-flow from front (needed for those with families). Mirroring of smart phone screen to screen.

Average Rating : 4.375


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