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Sporty and sophisticated all in one package logo 8/10/2015 Joe

This is my second Kia Sorento , my first one was a 2011 EX V6 which I liked very much and had very good luck with, not one single complaint. I put 36500 miles on it and it run perfectly for me gave me good gas mileage and no problems, it was AWD by the way and when it came time to trade I received good resale value. I take very good care of my vehicles, and by the way I dealt with two different dealers I bought my 2011 from one dealer and I leased my 2015 from a different dealer and will say that they both are top of the line dealers couldn't be happier, they are both excellent when it comes to service and getting things done. When I leased my 2015 which is a SXL AWD V6 I noticed that on rougher roads which we have a lot of them around here in NE Iowa especially in the spring time after the frost comes out, that it had a thumping noise like it was coming from the right front, like a strut or something that wasn't right, I could feel it through the floor even like it was metal on metal. I stopped at the dealer and told them about it so they had one of their experts ride with me on good roads and he even admitted that he could tell that it was doing it. So it was decided that when I brought it in for my 5000 mile maintenance that they would check it over and try and fix the problem which they did, and they also found a leak of coolant that they fixed. I was very happy and couldn't say enough good about the excellent service that I got there first class for sure. I liked my first Sorento the 2011 very much no complaints, I love this 2015 SXL what a nice vehicle for the money, and when you consider the warranty price and features for your dollar it is very hard to beat KIA. Only thing that I would like is just a little more room in back for my golf clubs it is a little tight, but of course KIA is one step ahead of me along comes the 2016 Sorento with the extra room, looks like I will need to update again soon.

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