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Sporty, comfortable and compact. logo 6/13/2016 Heather

UPDATE: 6/15/17- Still very happy with the car. I get about 31mpg. I drive roughly 1000 miles a week combined hwy and rural. Couple things that I would change, is the door vacuum and the folding seats in the back. I would prefer that the back seats fold down flush, similar to how they work in a Honda Fit. Not having it flush can pose an issue with dogs and other things I tote like tables and chairs. Overall, I like the car. It has been a full year since I bought. But I would be lying if I didn't write that I am looking to trade it in ASAP. It's simply too small. It's too small for my animals, for my work supplies, my friends, for large grocery hauls, ect. It would be great as a "normal" driver car. To work and the basics. Purchased this vehicle when my 2008 Hyundai Sonata quit after 200,000 miles. Before purchasing this vehicle I shopped on the internet for about a week. What I needed was a compact vehicle with 4 doors, Hatchback, large cargo area with and without backseat folded down, good MPG and a vehicle that could go the distance. I drive roughly about 1000 to 1500 miles per week, so a vehicle that could keep up was essential. I looked at comparable cars such as the Hyundai Accent Hatchback, Ford Focus Hatchback, Ford C-Max hybrid, Toyota Prius Hybrid, Nissan Vensa, Chevy Spark, Honda Fit and several others. After comparing them they all had great reviews and the features I as looking for, so it came down to proximity. After test driving many of the vehicles and comparing them on the road I loved the Elantra GT hatchback. I bought a 2014 with 7000 miles on it. Silver exterior with blue interior and an automatic engine. I absolutely love this vehicle. It's sporty and compact but comfortable for someone my size (5'10, 220 LBS) handles great on all surfaces and elements, has great driver controls and is large enough to fit 4 adults comfortably. The things I wish were a bit more comparable with other compact cars is the MPG and the cargo space. Also, the doors are extremely difficult to close. I literally have to slam them, and the road noise cancellation is not what it could be. I work in both the city and rural areas. If I'm mainly in the city my MPG is steady 25-28 and in the rural areas 30-33. I fill up about every two days. The cargo space is "ok". If you are using this vehicle for life such as groceries, soccer gear or family. I am sure the cargo space will be sufficient for you. But I load it up with work equipment and gear and there simply is not enough room for me. Overall I am really happy with this purchase. It has great features depending on the model you choose, it fits a budget and it's a versatile and stylish car that I would definitely recommend for compact car buyers.

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