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Sporty Sipper logo 7/4/2016 Marvin Wolf

I work at home, so I'm not running up miles as a commuter. My car has a very small wheelbase, a great turning radius that lets me get in and out of tight parking spaces, and it has a lot of zip, too--acceleration when needed, and power to spare. I recently drove it 2400 miles from Los Angeles to Asheville NC in seven days, moving with traffic or at the speed limit. We stopped four or five times a day for food, fuel, bathroom breaks and overnight lodging. My average fuel mileage for that trip was a little over 41 miles per gallon. We encountered hail and chain lightning in New Mexico, electrical storms in Texas, and a cloud burst of near-Biblical proportions on the mountain road between Knoxville, TN and Asheville, NC. Nothing fazed this car. But living in a mountainous community with four seasons is very different than the mostly flat Los Angeles basin. I traded this car in on a somewhat larger, all wheel drive Subaru, and got exactly what it was worth, according to three Internet pricing services. Bye bye Hyundai.

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