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STAY AWAY FROM GMC ACADIA!!!! logo 8/21/2015 Erin Amerson

This car has been nothing but headaches since we've owned it. I bought my 2008 GMC Acadia from a GM dealership as a used vehicle with 50,000 miles on it. Less than one year later all hell breaks loose. During a rain storm while driving, water started pouring into the interior through the seatbelts, airbags and sunroof. The next morning, all of the computers in the car went crazy and the car wouldn't turn on. Had it towed to the dealership, and come to find out there is a water leak issue due to faulty drain tubes in the sunroof. Although a recall for some vehicles, my vehicle's VIN was not included in that recall, even though it was the SAME PROBLEM. Called GM, that was a joke. They said there was nothing they could do and basically that it wasn't their problem. $1500 later and the leaks are supposedly fixed and so I drive away with my smelly car. A few months later, the engine started running hot. Brought the car back to the dealership and apparently there was an issue with the transmission. Another $500 dropped. The mechanic also informed us of a leak into the master cylinder which he then told us was a common problem he had seen with the Acadia. He said it didn't need to be repaired right at that moment, but would eventually need to be repaired in the near future for a mere $1500. Over the next 2 years in which I owned this car I had nothing but issues. Oil leak (also another common problem with Acadias according to the GM service tech), engine not turning off occasionally even when I took the key out, when I would get gas, I would have to leave the car running because if I turned it off, after I finished pumping the gas it would be very difficult to start the car. Usually took about 4-5 tries. The last and final straw was this past week. I was driving home one afternoon and sure enough, water started pouring into the interior of the car from the headliner. It came in through the airbags, sunroof and top of the windshield. You could also hear the water sloshing around in the headliner as I drove. I can't afford to keep fixing the same issue that the dealership should take responsibility for in their faulty design on this car. Traded it in on a Hyundai yesterday and we have so much negative equity in the acadia that my car payment is ridiculously high. Not to mention I have 6 people in our family and so we all do not fit in the car together and will have to drive 2 vehicles whenever we go anywhere as a family. Because we were so upside down trading in the acadia, we couldn't afford to buy an SUV or a minivan. But, at least I know I have a good, reliable car that will not leak that I can feel is safe enough to drive my children in. If you want a vehicle that does more than just look pretty in the driveway then stay away from this one. We will NEVER buy another GM vehicle again. NEVER.

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