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STAY AWAY from the FOCUS logo 5/15/2015 bigrob10

Where do I start? I purchased a 2014 Focus, Have had it for over a year, and is falling apart. First the clutch was replaced, because it was "Jumping" and "Stalling" then 2 months later back to same problems. Now in addition to that the Tranny is over heating" light is going on as well as Brake Bulb and Tire lights are going off. Contact Ford and they say it will be 8 weeks before they can even look at my since they have so many other owners with the same problem. My Focus jumped forward in traffic out of no where and almost caused a serious accident on the freeway. Ford 100% knows about all these issues with the Focus but they do not care about anyone's safety they just give the run around

Favorite Feature : Interior, Body, Sync, and Gas mileage when I am safely able to drive it.

Suggested Improvement : Ford you have thousands of complaints already and probably the same amount of lawsuits to match. I don't know how it's "Good" for your reputation to give your customers who spend our hard earned money on your cars and all you give us are LIES and THE RUN-AROUND. You know all about the problems, you know you can't fix it, you know the Focus is not safe, yet you force us to waste our time and energy going though lemon lawyers. And in the end you still have to buy back the car. Ford just doesn't care about their reputation, customer safety, or repeat customers I guess. I will never, ever, buy FORD again, I'll drive a KIA before I ever step foot on another Ford dealer lot, that's the Truth!!!

Average Rating : 1.75


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