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Stay away from this one logo 3/15/2015 Matthew Hamann

While Accords are typically reliable cars, they seem to have frequent transmission problems. Unless you find one of these for dirt cheap (including an already rebuilt transmission), I suggest looking for a different car entirely.My 2000 Accord got to about 130,000 and suddenly developed severe transmission issues. It's now approaching 140,000 and I'm still driving it 20+ miles to work every day, but every day I get in, I wonder if it will make it home.I asked Honda for some good-will in helping me fix the transmission (even a discount would've been fine!) since these cars are known for their transmission woes, but they flatly declined.I don't see myself buying another Honda.

Favorite Feature : Gets from point A to point B. Handles well. Otherwise, there's not much else to love.

Suggested Improvement : There are no LATCH-equipped seats, so this is not a good car for those with infants and small children.Monetary transmission-fixing assistance should be offered by Honda.

Average Rating : 1.875


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