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stay away logo 8/16/2015 Jim

I Bought this new, thinking it would be more releiable than american made trucks. I've owned dodge tucks and had some problems after 100k miles but my titan had problems from the start. the wrong size brake discs lead to break job at 8k and again at 15k. I'm now now lucky to get 28k between brake jobs. I had problems shifting out of 4-wheel drive, not that I drive off road but simple winter storms or driving acrooss a wet back yard . THe clutch fan for the A/C caught fire in a school parking lot while at idle waiting for kids to get out of school after 18 months old. the truck sat at dealer for 2 1/2 weeks before they even started fixing it saying they never seen this problem before (2 years later had recall). The AC continues to have to be recharged. There is clicking when you switch from defrost to AC, so approx 5 hours of labor to take dash apart to fix. Check engine light came on (catalytic converter needs to be replaced- there are 4 in a Titan). Another $2600-3800. I may have bought a lemon, but I would recommend against buying this truck, new or used.pros -great looking, comfortable truck ,rides nice ,good sound system, with enough power cons -alot of maintenance problems, goes though front brakes often, small bed size

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