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STAY AWAY logo 7/10/2016 annoyed focus owner

I have had this car for almost a year and I have hated every single day with it. The car looks nice and has some nice features such as heated seats, heated steering wheel, back up camera and parking sensors, but the way it drives is absolutely terrible. This car does not drive like a normal car should. It is very very hesitant when you need to get up and go. Starting off it shutters like its about to stall. At first it was ok but it gets very annoying after a while and at this point I am looking at every option to get rid of this car. It also has a cheap build quality. I have had to had my rear passenger door adjusted because it was falling of the hinges. My drivers seat always comes loose and moves around while I am driving. Mind you this car is not even a year old. I have had to replace bulbs multiple times as well. I would HIGHLY recommend staying away from buying/leasing this car. There are so many other options and better cars for the money than this terrible car.

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