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Stay far far away from the V6 models logo 8/25/2015 Kenneth

It was my mistake that I didn't look thoroughly online before purchasing my SH-AWD in July. The 2-3 gear shift is truly awful, I've brought it in twice to the dealer to try and fix and they say it is normal and there is no fix. It is so unpleasant that it removes any and all fun from driving the car. I'm still coming to terms that I might be stuck with this car for the near future. Acura, how can you sleep at night? The V6 models are a disaster. They clearly hand picked a non-defective one to lend to car review sites and now that we've bought them Acura doesn't care at all. Surprised there isn't a class action lawsuit for the V6 models yet. Going to try to take it in a couple more times to get it fixed and then see if it can qualify for the lemon law. You've been warned, stay far far away from the V6 models. I don't even care if this hurts my own resale value, no more people should be tricked into buying this $40k lemon. Buying a luxury car shouldn't be a gamble that you get a good transmission. Shame on you Acura.

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