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Still happy, just missing hubcaps. logo 8/3/2015 Anna

I love my yellow FIAT. It is the perfect city car for a single person. I have probably taken 30 weekend trips of approximately 900-miles roundtrip and have never had a problem. At 65,000 miles I needed to replace the tires and battery, but I am told that is as expected for a new car. My only complaint to date has been the hubcaps... They keep falling off. I got 5 replacements (at different times) from the dealership when I was under warrantee, but since that has ended I have been driving two hubcaps short for over 15,000 miles. I hope to find some replacements soon, but since 2 of my 5 replaced FIAT hubcaps have fallen off a second time I plan to buy another brand to make it worth the money. Other than the hubcaps I am very happy with my FIAT and it has been keeping up with my long weekends very well. Besides the replacement for my tires and battery, plus regular oil and filter changes, I have not sunk any additional money into the car in almost 4 year.

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