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Still has some kick to it logo 4/11/2015 iguana884

I purchased a used '04 GT-S looking for a more reliable car than my Bonneville (my first car). What I got was a car that shook while idling and threatened to shut off at traffic lights. After changing the black mass that was the air filter and cleaning the throttle, my GT-S got a new lease on life. I was first hesitant about revving to the redline (something I'd never do on the Bonneville), but after feeling the VVTL-i kick in, I was hooked. My favorite part of the day is warming up the car, easing onto the freeway ramp, dropping to second and gunning it to the speed limit. The little extra push at 6.5k always puts a smile on my face.

Favorite Feature : The engine by far. Dear gods above, the engine. She's a sensitive one, but once you get the throttle down, she likes to run. And just when you think she's running out of steam, you get another extra kick. I guess it's Toyota's version of Vtec, which I think is a great idea for getting more performance out of an otherwise not so great engine. VVT-i is fun and all, but the little push at the end, the encouraging "go get 'em" is wonderful.I also enjoy the MASSIVE space I get when I fold down the seats. I could sleep there and I stand at 6'.

Suggested Improvement : The build quality. My front bumper is put together with spare bolts and zip ties. At one point I thought I got a flat. No. The mud guard fell off. Yes, it handles great, but I wish it didn't sound like metal on windy days. (The metal in the wheel well shakes sometimes).

Average Rating : 4.375


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