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Still have my 2002! logo 7/21/2015 Gail

I bought this jeep when the 2002 hit the showroom floor. I absolutely love it. Currently has around 175,000 miles on it. Over the 13 years I've had it the first 11were awesome. The only problem was that the a/c compressor had to be replaced at about year 6 (80,000 miles or so). Regularly maintained. Recently had to replace the fan. Both rear doors/windows are problematic. One of the doors won't open from the inside or out and the window won't open on the other. Minor considering the overall reliability.She still looks good on the outside. Driver side carpet and upholstery are very worn, but that is to be expected. I want my next vehicle to be a Jeep, but hopefully that will be several years from now!Update July 2016: I still have and love my Jeep.

Average Rating : 5


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