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Still Loving My car after two Years logo 6/30/2015 jmnteddy

This is the first BMW I've owned and hope it won't be my last. I drove Toyota's for the last 27 years and traded in a Highlander for this car, wish I had done it sooner. So glad to be back in a sedan and it meets all of my criteria: good looks,smooth ride, plenty of room for passengers and cargo,sunroof,AWD, great MPG and just plain fun to drive. I love how it hugs the road and was glad to see the other positive reviews regarding this vehicle. If you read the blogs so many people put down the looks of this vehicle but I think it looks great. I'm hoping this car will be as reliable as all of the Toyota's that I've owned over the years. I'm really enjoying and loving this car! My only fear is after the warranty the costs for future repairs and maintenance but others have assured me I don't have to do business with a dealer just find a good mechanic that works on foreign cars.

Average Rating : 5


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