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STILL Puttin' Along logo 8/5/2015 LoriKM

UPDATE: NOW have about 55000 miles on it. Not using it as much, just for getting around town and FEW road trips. STILL enjoy scootin' around in it! Bought new with about 400 miles on engine. Mine is the base, manual, get me where I want/need to go model. No, pick up isn't very good, and it does have that nasty blind spot, BUT it IS reliable (recalls were for MINOR items on mine) and I get an OVERALL 41.6 mpg (I drive highway, city AND mountain areas). It handles curves like a BOSS and the instrumentation is VERY convenient. My mechanic stated that it'd be EASY to fix any engine problem as it's laid out well, and the parts won't be expensive to replace should I have need to. This was another pro. The space inside for a 5'2" to 5'8" under 200lb person will be SPACIOUS. If you're over that height and weight, it may not be AS comfortable for you as a driver.I found it amusing that my model doesn't have power door locks, BUT has power windows, auxillary plug for mp3's and such (discovered by daughter) and lock for the trunk! The ONLY things I'd get different on this car is add cruise control as I do like it for hwy driving and get the color Techno Pink as I have the Lemonade color and it's fine, just prefer the other color more.Oh, and as for the a/c, no, it doesn't cool off THAT well in EXTREME heat, but for what I do and where I go, I can get by with it.Do NOT expect to make it up STEEP hills QUICKLY! Tires STILL have some life left. Wish I had a sunroof though. Was looking at selling it, but TOO many EMOTIONAL ties to it, so, for now I'm stuck with it, but I don't mind!

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