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(Still the) Least reliable I've ever owned logo 4/7/2015 bandit96

Edmunds emailed recently to have me come back and update my review. All I have to offer is I was lucky to offload this lemon for 20% of its original sticker price when it was just 5 years old with 90k kms. Still the biggest pile of junk I've owned in 20 years of car ownership. Replaced it with a used vehicle of the same model year from a different make and have had 0 problems in 3 years.This purchase taught me that buying new is not worth it, a warranty isn't worth anything if the car is a pile of junk, and GM produces plenty of those these days. Original review below;I bought this car new in 2009, knowing full well that I was making a trade off on some of the bells and whistles offered in other models. That's not an issue; if it wasn't for it being an unreliable and expensive piece of junk to run I would still be driving it.I have a mechanical background, and know about driving and maintaining a car to make it last. Unfortunately, in the six years of ownership and only 70k kilometers (43k miles) this heap was in and out of the shop at least a dozen times. The last year of ownership, when it was out of warranty cost me more in repairs then my last GM vehicle did in 10 years and over 350k kms (210k miles).In short, never again a GM for me.

Average Rating : 2


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