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Strangest danged vehicle I have ever owned. logo 4/3/2015 anglbebe

It's so light that when you get a strong cross wind it will push you to the next lane. However, during the record snowstorms recently it plowed right through, where other trucks got stuck. Just wish the tires weren't low profile though. Definitely has get up and go, had a co-worker drive for me and they were surprised at how well it handled and it's get up and go. I drive over 600+ miles a week, this car has not let me down yet *knock on wood*.


Favorite Feature : I park on the street, and it can fit in the same size space as a Toyota Corolla. Really helpful in a parking ban. The storage in the with the rear seats folded down is great! Fits all the camping gear in. This car loves to go fast, it's so smooth at it that you don't know your going 90 till you look. Set your Cruise Control!

Suggested Improvement : Make it a little heavier, better gas mileage, by making it more aerodynamic. Oh, and give it towing capacity the transmission doesn't need dual capacity. You know the "Old Wives Tale" that the heat and A/C will use up all your gas. This car makes that TRUE! Definitely change that, PLEASE! Also the fact that the rear vents only give outside or A/C yeah that was a stupid idea for cars sold in New England where it's only warm 3 months out of the year. Unfortunately the suspension is not solid feeling, but it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. Looks too much like a Matrix, I once tried to get into one when I first got it, side by side couldn't tell them apart.

Average Rating : 3


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