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Stunning but NOT in a good way logo 8/13/2015 Model T

25,000 miles, Just picked up from dealership for the 4th time after transmission repair. It will go back for fifth time as soon as they can get a new clutch to install. Told by dealership it will take 4 to 8 weeks for part to come in as Ford has 30,000 on back order. I confirmed the backorder story with another local dealership and my coworker who is also waiting on a clutch. Tried to get Ford to buy back and the Dealership offered me $2900.00 less than Edmunds and NADA say is Fair Market Value. By my count the Dealership had sixteen 2013 and 2014's on their used car lot.......the whole ordeal is just stunning to me. I have read that Ford has no fix for the problem. They have the audacity to say this is not a safety problem yet the car stutters so bad when you try to accelerate it jerks you in your seat like a bumper car at a circus. I guess we will have to wait until people start dying ala the ignition switch issue another American car manufacturer ignored. Do not buy this car if you do you will regret it.

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