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Stunning looks/but bland overall logo 8/23/2015 GM2FORD

Although the car presents itself beautifully on the road and is a "real looker", there are some things in the interior that need to be changed. I have the rust colored one (not red) and I get compliments daily on how beautiful the color combination is on the car. This is my first hybrid and I wanted a luxury car that looked unique and offered luxury amenities that I was used to in my Cadillac CTS and offer really good gas mileage. Well, if you are looking for 39/40mpg, don't bother with this car. I am extremely disappointed in the gas mileage, I am getting 28-30mpg overall, not even close to what Lincoln estimated that the car would get, very disappointing, since I was looking at the Lexus ES300 hybrid as well. The interior is nice, but the seats don't wrap/hug around you, although they are very comfortable and the retractable headrest doesn't adjust forward enough for me to be 100% comfortable. The console storage is awkward to say the least, it has two levels which you have to tweak your hand to get under and place phone keys, wallet, or whatever you want to put under there. It is cramped and tight!The steering for me is a bit "boaty", but it still handles well on the road. The pickup isn't as quick as I would like at times, but that is something I will have to live with for the next 2 - 1/2 yrs since I leased mine and that was the smartest thing I could have done!The stereo/Sirius radio is great, the retractable side view mirrors are a nice touch/sunroof/moonroof is nice too. The electric trunk is actually quite roomy considering the battery is in there, so no complaints on storage back there. The rear and front parking sensors are a must and are very helpful even with the backup camera.All in all, I would rate the car a 3.6 out of 5! If the car actually got the 39/40 mpg, I would have rated it around 4.2/5. If you are looking for a beautiful exterior design then this is the car! If you want a car that offers a bit more in the interior, then look elsewhere.

Average Rating : 3


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