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Subaru continues to refine the WRX logo 4/25/2016 Rob Weaver

I traded my base 5 speed 2007 WRX Wagon in for a 6 speed 2016 WRX Limited in December 2015. After 5 months of driving, below are the good, the meh and the bad.GOODEngine - The 2.0L Turbocharged engine is excellent. The powerband is very wide for such a small engine and pulls hard. You'll be going over the speed limit before you know it.Handling - The AWD system is terrific and big summer tires just beg you to go around corners at ridiculous speeds. Throw on some snow tires, and you'll be tearing through snow cursing at other drivers going at reasonable speeds in their inferior cars.Driving feel - The seats, steering wheel, instrumentation, and visibility are all set up very well. It feels like number one priority of this car is to give you excellent control of it. The seats hold you in place (even the leather ones in the limited) and are comfortable. The steering wheel is beefy and aesthetically fits the car well. The multi-functional display in the center of the dash is very useful and the option to have a digital speedometer is appreciated. The cabin is very open and 360 visibility is suburb.MEHLooks - I didn't like the looks of the car when I first saw it in 2015, but they have grown on me. It could never be considered a handsome car, but it does have a poised and aggressive enough look when you look at it from the right angle (going around a corner at a 45 degree angle).Clutch action & gearbox - The gearing is pretty decent overall, even if you won't spend much time in first gear. I do appreciate it that I can finally shift into first gear while moving in a Subaru. The gearbox is notchy, but that is appropriate for a car like this. The clutch action is grabby, much more so than my old WRX. The revs also tend to hang when you shift up, so that takes some getting used to. The interior - Based on reviews, I was expecting it to be pretty bad, but the interior really isn't too bad. It is a little too plastic-y with fake carbon fiber and whatnot, but you aren't expecting luxury car when you buy this one. It is definitely a step up from the 07 WRX.BADStereo/entertainment system - The stereo is pretty weak and the bluetooth takes awhile to connect. I probably will try to upgrade this in the future. Wagon??? - Add my vote to the "Where the hell is the wagon?" chorus. I understand they had to concentrate on one design to get the chassis stiffness right, but why wasn't that design a 5 door? OVERALLI bought this car for the power, handling, and driveability. The car is even better than expected in that respect. If you're the type of driver I am, there isn't really anything in this price range that can do the same things as this car can. It is the type of car that makes me look forward to drive it and it makes me want to take the back roads, even if it takes a little longer.

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