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Such a disappointment logo 9/2/2015 Kat

I had a very minor fender bender within the first 3 weeks I owned my Renegade. No airbag deployment and traveling at a low rate of speed. The anti lock brakes caused the vehicle to slide as if were hydroplaning. I have been without this vehicle now for 5 months as the vehicle was so new and made in Italy. I mean NO PARTS!!!!!! Now that it is almost repaired I have learned the vehicle has to go to a dealership due to new technology in the radiator making it impossible to check the levels on your own. Also, there is a new European freon for the A/C which only a few dealerships have. This has been a nightmare and I have still been paying for a car that I have been unable to use. Jeep needs to be aware of this and make it right. I hope this doesn't happen to any other Renegade owners. Good luck if it does.

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