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Sunroof stains this car logo 2/26/2015 monkfarm

I did not purchase the extended warranty on this auto, and I loved it until the sunroof stuck open, tilted on one side. I went to a dealer, and they really could not see what was wrong, but estimated $2048 to fix it, the headliner needs to be dropped, of course they gave us the worst case scenario, broken frame. I barely used the sunroof, but live in the woods, on a gravel rood, and it must have stuck from the dust and the spruce needles. The sensor for the window washing fluid also broke, even though I always put antifreeze window washer fluid in it. Especially if you buy the sunroof, plan on buying the warranty, these autos are expensive to fix! I will buy a different brand next time.

Favorite Feature : Economy, handling, steering are all very nice, and the sport wagon seems to have adequate power. I live in a windy road area, and love to drive, and stock, right out of the box, this car handles well. Winter tires are a must, as the stock tires are dismal. The wagon is just the right size, for my wife and I and our 4 dogs. We live out in the sticks, and we pick up most of our supplies with ease, and I have slept in the back (just long enough) confortably. I do like this auto, but the quality on the sunroof, and the sensor on the window washing container suffers (I have heard of others who the dealers blamed for the demise of this who felt they had done nothing)

Suggested Improvement : The sunroof needs to be fixed, or vw needs to offer a simple sunroof like my 06 bug has. The VW dealers' service department needs to know the meaning of the word: SERVICE. I am not one to complain, but it really seems like they are out to steal your money. (I will try a honda next). The window washer sensor went bad through no fault of mine. I would like at least 2 12 volt power outlets in the front. I run a radar detector, and an I phone, and would like to power up both. A cigar ashtray I guess is too much to ask these days, but storage, and cupholders in this is at a premium, inadequate for us Americans. The seat needs to be reinforced where you get in and out. . . More power neede

Average Rating : 3.75


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