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Super Charger Problems logo 3/15/2015 abruzz

Purchased suv in July of 2014. Two months later, I was driving I heard a pop and thought I had run over a metal band. As I continued to drive I noticed the suv was overheating. Called dealership and they had suv towed in. They also arranged a rental for me. Approximately 10 days later, I picked up suv. Was told super charger seized and they had to pull out engine to replace it. Then in January of 2015 same thing happened. SUV towed in and was given a rental. Approx 8 days later, I p/u SUV and told same exact problem. Now I am afraid to take long trips. I fear that super charger will seize again. Also noticed that Nissan no longer making the hybrid. I assume mine is a lemon.

Favorite Feature : Great gas mileage when not running a/c. Awesome nav and sound system.

Suggested Improvement : Find out why super charger continues to seize

Average Rating : 3.25


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