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SUPER reliable car for being 22 years old !! logo 4/6/2017 Gene T.

I purchased the 1995 Honda Accord 26 months ago with 104k for 3,330.00 and I wasn't sure if I paid too much. I did a lot of research and most of accords at that time were going for 2500.00 and they had 180k - 300k miles on them. So I bought this car and over 2 years later I only had to replace one break bulb (3.00) and a muffler that my friend helped me repair ($77.00). Overall the car is extremely well-built for its age. Its one of the cleanest cars I've owned. The car came with new tires, battery, water pump, spark plugs and caps, new wipers and timing belt. The cars transmission still shifts smoothly and I have been getting 28 - 32 MPG. I would recommend one that has had some of the repairs done and appears to be in good condition. I hope my 95' Honda Accord can last a few more years since its my son's first car. thank you, Gene

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