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Superb car logo 7/4/2015 dogsoldier

I am very pleased with my new Lexus. I am a previous Cadillac owner. I was very satisfied with the two Cadillac STSs I drove, but after the STS was discontinued found the CTS small in comparison, so I opted for the Lexus. Another advantage is the Lexus dealer, compared to the nearby Cadillac dealer. A more accurate depiction of the Cadillac dealer is a mid service level Chevrolet dealer who also happens to sell Cadillacs. The Chevy dealer team has a difficult time delivering a service experience consistent with a luxury vehicle purchase.


Favorite Feature : The car is bank vault quiet. The interior design is elegant, and the build quality is excellent using high-quality materials. The handling is capable, and the sport setting makes it even better. It is very comfortable, and the seating comfort/driving position is excellent. I have read several reviews complaining about the mouse-like navigation and infotainment controller, but I find it easy to use and relatively intuitive. Perhaps these reviewers would be more comfortable with an AM/FM radio and slide bar to switch between the two bands. Some of those radios even had a convenient door through which they could slide an 8 track tape . . .

Suggested Improvement : Not much improvement to suggest. As with many manufacturers, I would prefer a more ala carte options menu rather than packages that include or omit options I would prefer. The ride feel is a bit insulated from the driver, but I wanted a comfortmobile. If I want more feel I can always get the Corvette out of the garage.

Average Rating : 4.75


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