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Superior hot hatch logo 8/15/2015 Dan

I wanted something that was more fuel efficient than my lifted '05 Wrangler (which I traded in for the ST) that would be fun to drive, practical, and would not cost me a fortune. After extensive research and test driving 32 different cars over the span of a little over a year, I chose the Fiesta ST. This car really hits the sweet spot of efficiency, performance, and practicality. If I want to drive it hard this car is more than willing to play. If I want to be efficient, this car has no problem taking it easy. I particularly like the 6sp manual transmission feel and the VERY responsive brakes. Although my car is not tuned for greater performance, the aftermarket is booming for this car as well. In mixed driving I get 32.6mpg with 93 octane. Although I have not had the opportunity to take it on a long road trip I'm very confident that if I use the cruise control and drive it intelligently, I could easily hit closer to 36mpg. I drove similar competitors from Subaru, VW, & Fiat...the Fiesta ST was the clear hands down winner. I'm currently at 7K miles and am stoked anytime I get to drive this car anywhere. Truly outstanding in the hot hatch 4cyl turbo class! Strong suggestion: try out the Recaro seats before committing to buy the vehicle. I tried both Recaro & regular ST seats and opted for the regular seats. While Recaro makes excellent products, the seats in these get tight from side to side if you are normal to above normal width.

Average Rating : 5


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