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SUV that gets 30mpg and can handle like a car! logo 4/29/2016 David

Ok, was looking for a hybrid SUV. Green was the emphasis for the purchase. Sedans can be green without the hybrid (the CO2 emitted per mile in a Camry is less than some souped up hyrbids). Also, when your car is stopped, it's just nice no to emit CO2. Toyota makes real hybrids (ones where the battery can boost up city driving mpg) and pioneered much of the technology. Our only real choices were the Nx300h, the Rx450h, or the RAV4 Hybrid. BMW makes a X5 plug in hybrid and Ford used to make an escape hybrid, but the X5 was too expensive acutely and the Escape Hybrid is no more. That being said, I would have gone for the RAV4 but the interior is nowhere near that for it's cousing NX300h Lexus (although it has more camera angles). Ok, back to the car, it performs as advertized -- we are getting between 29-33 MPG in 80% city driving. It handles great and the safety stuff like blind spot monitoring, pre-collision assist, and radar guided cruise control are pretty great. The car is really whisper quiet. (*Acceleration however has a drone, but it's not that bad but sort of unexpected in a Lexus). Handling is actually a bit more sedan like than the RX we gave up. Seats are bit tighter too than the RX -- but it's a smaller car.Suspension and road feel are classic Lexus. My big qualm is the cost -- which it was not $5000 more versus a comprable nx200 to save gas and hurt the environment less. This car gets an easy 5-stars if they charged less for it. But, the ride is really quite good, the handling excellent, and luxury is strong. The new RX is bigger than the previous or we might have bought that with all the new safety and technology features, but they no longer make that 2012-2015 style. To complain of some almost unnoticeable acceleration compromises in an SUV that emits 276 grams of CO2 per mile (less than a Toyota Corrolla at 287 grams of CO2 per mile) seems besides the point. It's hard to ease your carbon footprint and be an SUV this luxurious other than for the nx300h. For comparison, note the nx200 emits 368 grams of CO2 per mile. Sad this technology is not incentivized more. Perhaps the government will at some point though.

Average Rating : 4


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