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Technology edition my ass!! logo 6/17/2017 Dean Sibley

Wtf this vehicles technology is junk. How can they possible consider it a technology edition when doesn't even come with a garage door opener. I am a andriod user and expect the technology to blend seamlessly however this is not the case. I am still waiting for manufactures to give up on their proprietary software and use opensource so the professionals can give the people exactly what they want. What I want is a display that mirrors my phone exactly is that too much to ask. I have this in my 2006 toyota solara it can be done. This is my first day owning this vehicle that makes my KIA Optima look like a Lexus. The interior is barebones, sure it has leather and holds 8 people but I think I would have enjoyed a Buick Enclave more. Now I have 3 yrs of lease on a genaric POS. I had high hopes and now believe I made a huge mistake.

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