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TERRIBLE QUALITY... logo 7/14/2015 Tim

... for something aesthetically pleasing. At the end of 2014 I purchased a used CPO 2009 Cadillac Escalade with ~53,000 miles. It was fully loaded. THANKFULLY, it has had all repairs still under warranty, However, the warrant expires in a month and I am seriously considering selling the car to avoid costly repairs. Since I have owned it for almost a year the following repairs have been needed: heating and ventilation front driver seat repair, front struts needed replaced, cables to and from battery replaced due to complete electrical system failure while driving, lumbar support driver's seat repair, right driver's side CV boot leak, side cover for moon roof replacement, tire pressure monitoring system constantly going on/off, and now battery draining overnight and auto-up/down on driver side window malfunctioning. The complete electrical failure while driving was the scariest. We experienced a complete electrical system failure while driving twice (i.e. NO POWER STEERING, NO ANTI-LOCK BRAKES, NO INJECTION OF FUEL INTO ENGINE). Thankfully, my wife and I were able to pull the vehicle over before an accident occurred. Cadillac replaced the cables going to and from the car battery which has seemingly remedied the issue. There are tons of forums of this occurring and how the NHTSA has not recalled the car because of this boggles my mind. Overall this car is a prime example of poor mechanical engineering. DO NOT PURCHASE this car if you value reliability or quality craftsmanship. Unfortunately, it was my wife's dream car, but it has been in the shop for more often than not and she has been unable to showcase its most valuable asset: aesthetics. I cannot imagine the cost that we will incur once the CPO warranty expires. For example, the cost to repair the driver's side heated and ventilated seat was just over $1,000. The Cadillac dealership near us charges $150 just to diagnose an issue. I guess this is what you get for a "luxury" vehicle. In comparison, I have owned a 2004 Lexus ES330 currently with 130,000 miles and the only maintenance I have performed are oil changes and new tires. I have owned it for 3 years when I purchased it with ~90,000 miles on it. Good luck Cadillac owners. I feel your pain

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