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Terrible Transmission logo 4/8/2017 Lynn

Since leasing my vehicle 7/2016 I have had it back into the dealership 5 times!! The car is unsafe! The car hesitates, jerks, jumps when starting from a slow speed or stopped position. When in traffic it constantly jerks. It feels as if the car may stall out but it just hesitates which makes it extremely unsafe when crossing traffic. The last time I brought it to the dealer, after they updated the transmission software for the 3rd time, I asked the service manager to ride with me. The car hesitated from a stop at a stop sign and I was told that is how the dual transmission worked and that I needed to learn how to drive the car and it would perform better in the sport mode. The car continues to repeat the same hesitation on regular/daily basis feeling like the transmission has no idea what to do when starting out at a low speed or from a stopped position. I would not purchase this vehicle again and am trying to work with the dealer on getting into another car. This of course will be costing me more $$ since Hyundai will not admit to the problems yet there are hundreds of other complaints for the same exact thing. Shame on you Hyundai!!

Average Rating : 3


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