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Terrible. You'd be better off riding a bike! logo 7/21/2015 Izabella

If you intend to buy this car, you need to reconsider. I purchased my 2000 Jetta 1.8 in March of 2013. This is the breakdown of the repairs I've made since March of 2013-Engine blew $2400-Front control arms $300-Upper and Lower radiator hoses $300-4 Ball Joints $450-Bushings, Stab Links $300-Starter $250-Front Axle $200-Power Steering Pump $250I've done regular maintenance such as Tires, Brakes, Flushes $500.I've put more into the vehicle, but after all of the repairs I've had, it's hard to remember every single thing that's been done. Currently, the Heater Core is out. This will cost upwards of $1200. (I'm unwilling to put this much into it).By this point, I would have been able to invest a good sum into a new car. It seems like every 3 months, something goes out that costs a minimum of $250 to fix. This past winter, I went to roll down the window and the crank broke off. The vehicle is cheaply made. It's become a money pit. If you want to spend as much into a used, terrible car as you'd like to spend into a new car, then a 2000 Jetta is for you. I wish I had known how awful the vehicle is before I had purchased it. It's very disappointing because the transmission has been running strong, even with 184k miles. At this time, I'd have thought I've put so much into the car that it'd be running smooth. Unfortunately, about $5,000 later and an initial cost of $2,700, this thing runs like junk. It's so terrible, it's become known as the "money pit" in my family. If you look at this car, you may as well just start walking because that's all you'll be doing when you own this vehicle.

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