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Terrific Wagon - A Swedish Sleeper logo 8/18/2015 Mike Simmons

If you're dying for longer glances at the Starbucks drive-thru -- get your BMW or Audi wagon with great haste. Or line up for your favorite pseudo-sporty crossover. But if you're dying for an immensely likeable and practical wagon, the V60 really checks all the boxes. Seriously folks... the V60 is a Volvo at heart (incredible seats, up-to-date and seamless safety features) with enough spunk and sport to make things interesting. I went with the FWD version, and am consistently getting mid 20's gas mileage around town, and mid 30's on the highway. Huge plus -- the 4-cylinder turbo is a VAST improvement over the 5-cylinder turbo I had on my older S60. Lag is minimal, and the whoosh is maximal. The ride is Euro firm yet comfortable -- and until I export the car (and my career) to some village in the Swiss Alps, the handling has plenty of bite for everyday driving. Other positives -- the Sensus system is pretty intuitive, and if you are carting around younger children (roughly 4 to 8 years old) do yourself a HUGE favor and find a V60 with the integrated booster seats. Incredible option -- almost worth the price of admission for any parent. No matter how capable the V60 is -- my hunch is that it will get lost in the compact wagon and SUV shuffle. No screaming BMW badge... no butch plastic on the outside to make you think you're ready to scale Everest. But consider it your gain. I got a pretty aggressive deal from my local dealer since these aren't exactly flying off the showroom floor. And while the rear seat is plenty roomy for kids and teens -- I don't think a 6-footer would want to hang out in the backseat for an extended trip.

Average Rating : 5


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