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Test drive is not enough logo 3/25/2015 newfit

After seeing all the glowing specs on this car, I did TWO twenty min test drives. It seemed comfortable enough for a subcompact and fun to drive..Only 100 miles on it and it is wicked on my old back. This feature seems to be buried in the reviews like edmonds and Kelly Blue book. I have a 5 hour drive up coming, and I am really really fearful. Now what? Can my budget really take trading in a car that's only 2 weeks old. No more Honda's for me I think.

Favorite Feature : It is nimble, and I love the way it looks. I got the yellow version. It is fun to drive and seems peppy enough

Suggested Improvement : The seats right now are the only thing I can stress need improvement. Also get rid of that weird little hump just in front of the front seats

Average Rating : 4


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