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Test drove. Did not buy. logo 9/5/2015 Ed Zawarski

I own a 2012 AWD Touring. Honda makes a great car. I usually trade my cars every 2-3 years because I put a lot of mileage on them and always love to play with the newest tech toys. This time around though I held off buying a new car because I was waiting for Honda to come out with the new Pilot. I saw the very first one in person while getting my oil changed when it was still on the truck at the dealership. It was hard to get a good view of it but from what I could see, I was excited. That excitement ended when I actually saw the car in the showroom. UGH! It's a minivan! They converted my beloved SUV to a minivan :(They ruined it! They ruined it!!! Nevertheless, I had to test drive one. I am on my second Pilot Touring and have really liked them. No, LOVED them. Albeit my 2012's entertainment system has been less than stellar. The sound is great but the BlueTooth connection for my phone constantly disconnects & reconnects calls at random making it impossible to handle business calls hands-free. This does this with my iPhone, my wife's iPhone, my friends Samsung Galaxy and another friends Nokia. Honda replaced the BT module but it didn't solve the problem. The second flaw in the entertainment system is that it loves to lock up my iPod. Not just my iPod, my wife's as well. It can play for hours or even days with no problems. Other times it can play for five minutes at a clip and I have to disconnect it and do a hard reset on the iPod. That's a pain in the neck (and dangerous) while driving at highway speeds by yourself. Honda agreed that there is an issue but can't seem to find it. $42,000 cars that don't work correctly don't make me happy but it's my only complaint with this car.Anyway, back to the 2016 Pilodyssey. Not a fan of the looks inside nor out. It's a minivan. I know I repeated that but really, you can't say it enough. It's an Odyssey II. You really realize that when you get in the front seat and flip down the cheap armrests. The rear captains chairs second that motion. The touch screen nav/control panel was dog slow. I kept turning the radio off trying to turn it on. Ever click or tap something on a computer/phone screen and it doesn't react right away so you click/tap it again, only to realize the first click/tap hadn't reacted yet so the second click/tap canceled the first? UGH!!!! I have no patience for slow tech. Especially because I’m a tech myself. Underpowered processors irk me to no end. Strike two, Honda. The fact that Honda/Acura backed down to every other manufacturers level of nav restriction is quite annoying. My 2006 MDX, 2010 Pilot, current 2012 Pilot, along with my wife's 2006 RL, 2010 Crosstour, and 2012 Odyssey all had Nav systems that allowed you to have full touch/dial/voice access to any and all features of the Nav systems. Now Honda put restrictions of the use of some of the features of the new Pilot's nav. It's still better than most though and Honda's voice control is WAY better than Toyota's. My 2006 4Runner's voice control was the worst I've ever seen. Maybe it's gotten better by now, IDK. I switched to Honda products and haven't looked back at Toyota or Lexus since. Funny thing is this year we traded in my wife's Odyssey EX-L Nav and bought a Murano. I won't say much about that car other than it's very nice but we'll soon be trading it in. Nissan’s Nav sucks. Enough for me to take a loss on the car.So, again, back to the 16 Pilot. It rode nice. It has way more power than my 2012. The lane mitigation feature would take some getting used to. I don't like someone holding onto my steering wheel at the same time as I'm trying to drive but, hey, it's a feature EVERY car with a driver who loves to text while they drive should have. Maybe that will keep them in their lane instead of swerving into mine. I don't text and drive and I have pretty good control of my vehicle so I'm not sure that I wouldn't be turning that feature off. I'd have to give it a month or so to see if I could get used to it.One thing Honda needs to do is stop putting in the rear entertainment system. Make it an option. I have used mine maybe 4 times in the 5 ½ years I've had my two Pilots. My grandkids used it when we drove them to the zoo and the mountains when we took my car. Other than that, it's $2,000 feature that I don't use. Besides, DVD's are becoming a thing of the past. I have 400 movies, 600 TV shows, and 15,000 songs. EVERYTHING is digital. I haven't used a CD nor DVD in over 3 years. Incorporate video through USB or BT instead and charge the $150 or so that those connections and software would cost.So here's what this boils down to for me. And I hardly believe I am going to say this after pounding my fist on the desk in favor of Honda over American made cars...I'm negotiating a price to trade my 2012 Pilot AWD Touring in on a....yes....really....2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.

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