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That 4 cylinder with 8 plugs logo 7/10/2016 Paul Reeves

If you are going to purchase a B2300 or Ranger with the 4 cylinder, don't. Get the V6 instead. Same gas mileage, but the V6 is half the headache. Problems are: The 8 plugs. 5 are easy 3 are extremely difficult to say the least. The head runs hot and burns valves. NO power, takes a mile to get to 75 mph, with AC on 1&1/2 miles to get to 75 mph. Can not carry much load. It is not a good construction truck with the 4 banger. If you need a rebuilt head they are hard to find because they all have been burned up and can not be rebuilt.Update: With 240,000 miles, 1 engine rebuild, 4 rebuilt cylinder heads, Replaced Radio/CD player, new carpet, needs painting, Replaced heater core, and the A-C is not working. I still feel the same about Ford's 2.3 ltr. 4 cylinder(with 8 plugs) is crap. No acceleration, burns the valve seats, over heats, and you have to pull out the whole dash to repair/replace the heater core.

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