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The 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro is the best 4x4 of the year logo 4/14/2015 nothing_better

I was first attracted to the 2015 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro because I loved it's appearance; especially in the Inferno Orange color. After driving it, I fell in love with it. Ignore the other reviews that claim it is less than enjoyable to drive on the road; that just isn't true. This truck is just awesome. It's comfortable, handles well on road AND off, and the stereo system is the best sounding stereo I have ever heard in any vehicle. The TRD suspension, shocks, wheels, tires and 1/4 inch thick skid plates underneath it make it a street legal urban tank. You will see heads turning and get lots of thumbs up from total strangers. I wanted a FUN vehicle for once in my life, and I got it!

Favorite Feature : The body design; especially the front-end and grill, and the Inferno Orange metallic paint. The suspension is unrivaled: the only place you can't drive in this thing is in the ocean or the sky. The stereo rocks, and there is a sub-woofer under the front seats. Remember potholes, speed bumps, speed humps and large piles of winter snow? You won't even have to slow down for those anymore. You have almost an entire foot of clearance space underneath the truck. And curbs? HA! Screw curbs.

Suggested Improvement : The single suggestion I could make for improvements would be regarding the gas milage. This truck is rated at 17mpg in the city, and that really isn't least, not the way I drive. I have been getting about 13mpg in the city. If you plan on commuting long distances every single day, then this may not be the truck for you. I work close to my home, so gas milage really isn't an important issue for me.

Average Rating : 5


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