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The 3.2 V6 Is Great!!!! logo 7/24/2015 Chris B

So, Edmunds wouldn't let me choose the 3.2 V6 as an option, but that's what I have. I purchased this 2014 Trailhawk used at my local dealership, which is the top jeep dealer in its region. It was loaded with full leather (some models have a leather/cloth mix, so don't be confused) and every option available. It was purchased with 32k on the odometer and was well broken in but in great condition. I was very aware of the vehicles transmission issues before purchase but decided to take my chances. I test drove it 4 times before purchase, twice by myself; stop and go traffic, up and down hills and freeways. I did notice on some inclines there was a slight hesitation in shifting. In my novice opinion, this is just a quirk in the transmission. A little extra gas and the shift was flawless. I can't imagine owning the 4 cylinder version of this vehicle. It weighs 5500lbs, only 200lbs less than my 2014 Jeep Wrangler unlimited rubicon and its heavy axels. This is probably the root of the problem of the 9 speed transmission.... The 4 cyl engine just can't keep up with the vehicles weight. OPT FOR THE V6 if you can afford the extra $$$$. The interior is flawless and competes against that of Audi (I traded a 2010 A4). The ride isn't the same, but it's a suv versus a sports sedan. That's to be expected. The ride is excellent for what it is. You can't beat the technology offered in this vehicle either. My wife and I had zero problems connecting our iPhone 6's (hers was primary since it's her car). The Bluetooth works well and clarity is pretty good on both ends. Overall, those are my main thoughts on this vehicle. For value, options, features and now 33500 on the odometer, it can't be beat.

Average Rating : 5


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