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The 700 (Horsepower) Club

Motor Trend logo Motor Trend 5/5/2014 Christian Seabaugh
The 700 Club The 700 Club

You know you've reached a point where cars have gotten incredibly powerful when Ford builds a 662-hp Mustang. Though we're now in a day and age where you can run to your local Ford dealer and buy a Mustang capable of melting your face off, few cars make more than 700 horsepower from the factory. With that in mind, here's your one-stop-shop of production cars making more than 700 ponies.

Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50 Anniversario – 710-hp

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 720 4 50 Anniversario 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP 720 4 50 Anniversario

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50 Anniversario is currently the baddest Aventador on the block. Built to celebrate Lamborghini's 50th anniversary and making 19-horsepower more than the standard Aventador, the Aventador LP 720-4 50 is powered by a big 6.5-liter V-12 producing 710 hp. Lamborghini says its special edition Aventador can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under three seconds.

Pagani Huayra – 720-hp

2013 Pagani Huayra 2013 Pagani Huayra

The Pagani Huayra is what happens when Italy and Germany's best join forces. Designed and built by Pagani in Italy, the Huayra is powered by a Mercedes-Benz AMG-sourced V-12. The Huayra's 6.0-liter twin-turbo V-12 makes 720 hp and 737 lb-ft of torque. That power gets put through a seven-speed twin-clutch automatic, and sent to the rear wheels.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – 731-hp

2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is somewhat of an outlier on this list – it's the only car with over 700 hp to feature a front-engine and rear-drive layout. The F12's 6.3-liter V-12 makes some serious power, sending 731 hp and 508 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. In our testing, the F12 Berlinetta rocketed from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds – impressive for a rear-drive grand touring car.

Lamborghini Veneno – 740-hp

Lamborghini Veneno Lamborghini Veneno

The Aventador not powerful enough for you? Then the Lamborghini Veneno is the Lambo for you. Based on the Aventador but with even wilder styling, the Veneno is powered by the same 6.5-liter V-12 as its less-exclusive sibling. That said the three Venenos built produce more power with the naturally aspirated V-12 producing 740 hp, giving the hyper exotic a claimed 221 mph top speed.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive – 740-hp

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive

The most-powerful AMG car in the Mercedes-Benz lineup just so happens to be the most eco-friendly. The limited-edition Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive is powered by four 185-hp and 185 lb-ft of torque electric motors – one powering each wheel. Combined, all four motors produce a stout 740 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque.

Porsche 918 Spyder – 887-hp

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

The Porsche 918 Spyder is a technological tour-de-force. The 918 is capable of operating as an electric car, a plug-in hybrid, and as a full-on hypercar. Allowing it do all these things is a powerplant consisting of a 4.7-liter V-8 and three electric motors – one in back and two in front. The result is an all-wheel-drive beast making 887 hp and 944 lb-ft of torque.

McLaren P1 – 904-hp

2014 Mclaren P1 2014 Mclaren P1

British upstart McLaren went the same route as Porsche with its P1 hypercar. Like the 918, the McLaren P1 is a plug-in hypercar with a V-8 and electric motors. Unlike the 918, the McLaren P1's 3.8-liter V-8 features two turbochargers and an electric motor, resulting a car making 904 hp and 531 lb-ft of torque. The P1 is one of the quickest cars we've ever tested, accelerating from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds.

Ferrari LaFerrari – 950-hp

ferrari-laferrari-front-left-side-view-2 ferrari-laferrari-front-left-side-view-2

Get this: the Ferrari LaFerrari is ALSO an electrified hypercar. The LaFerrari is powered by a 6.3-liter V-12 and an electric motor, producing a staggering 950 hp. The rear-drive carbon fiber-bodied LaFerrari can reportedly accelerate from 0-62 mph in less than three seconds.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse – 1184-hp

2013 bugatti veyron grand sport vitesse 2013 bugatti veyron grand sport vitesse

The last Bugatti Veyron left in production is the most powerful. The drop-top Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is among the fastest cars in the world, with a 268 mph top speed. Pushing the Veyron to that staggering top speed is an 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W-16 engine that makes 1184 hp and 1106 lb-ft of torque. All that power is routed through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox to an advanced all-wheel drive system.

Hennessey Venom GT – 1244-hp

Hennessey Venom GT speed record Hennessey Venom GT speed record

Though some might argue that the Lotus-bodied and Corvette-powered Hennessey Venom GT isn't a production car, the fact that it's capable of 270.49 mph earns it a spot on this list. Based on a stretched Lotus Exige, the Texas-built Venom GT is powered by the old Corvette ZR1's LS9 6.2-liter V-8. With the supercharger removed and two big turbos added, the Venom GT makes 1244 hp, mated to a good ol' fashioned six-speed manual transmission.

Koenigsegg Agera R/One:1 – 1150-1321-hp

Koenigsegg Agera One 1 Koenigsegg Agera One 1

The Swedes take home with the most powerful car in the world. The Koenigsegg Agera R sports a 5.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 making 1150 hp. For those needing more power, Koenigsegg recently announced the Agera One:1, which produces a staggering 1321 hp. Koenigsegg claims the Agera One:1 can accelerate from 0-249 mph in less than 10 seconds – something we can't wait to try out for ourselves.

What's your favorite car with 700 hp or more? Tell us in the comments section below.


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