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The automotive equivalent of Britney Spears logo 4/2/2017 Maxima No More

Sure the design is fantastic and the selling points are many, however, in my experience, they have failed to deliver. The Engine? Fine, too much power for front wheels, but this is only really evident when you go to pass someone and fight to stay in the lane. The seats? Adequate, I have sat in better for a similar price point, but they are OK. The electronics? So far the radio system has shut off 3 times for no reason, requiring me to pull over and restart the car to reboot the system. The included apps are (is) a poorly functioning google search app which rarely works and will not dump info into the navigation. As for the others (iHeart Radio, TripAdvisor, Pandora, etc) at least they are no longer lying to me that the car is too advanced for the app and they now say that they won't support them. The key fob will unlock the car, even start it from across the parking lot, but when I get in, it fails to recognize the key. This usually requires me getting OUT of the car, digging out the key and pressing the start button with the key. (This is a failure which is taking every once of self restraint not to drive this piece of *^^% into the showroom, especially when it happens in the rain) The rear deck buzzes with loud music, sure the BOSE system is nice, but if it cannot go loud, what's the point? Last but most certainly not least is the garbage front end collision system. This is the thing in the fancy commercial bringing the car to a stop when plywood forms pop up in the road. Well... It does work, even when there is nothing there. Boy, I tell you! If you're ever driving along the highway and you get lulled into a sense of peace and tranquility of the open road, nothing like the car slamming on the brakes (even for 1 second) to wake you up. Boy, howdy, that's scary. I own the extended warranty to 120000 miles, so I'm stuck with this car for a bit, I'll just make a pest of myself at the dealer. At least until they lemon law me out of it. Why Britney Spears you ask? Looks good from the outside, but not anything you want to take home.

Average Rating : 2


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