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The Best 15 year old truck you can buy logo 9/2/2015

This review is specific to the 4.7l v-8 in the extended cab base truck. First off the engine is absolutely bulletproof. I bought it with 62k miles in 2005, now 10 years later i have 170k miles and it still runs/drives so smoothly. Aside from tires and oil changes, I've had to replace are driver side tie rod end, water pump, number 7 fuel injector, front wheel bearing ($33 on amazon, it just slides on) and the two trans sensors that measure output speed (i think, they are side by side). all told most of labor i did my self but i've spent about $750.00 in the life of the truck. The alignment goes out once a year, its probably a bushing and the a/c, it has been out for about 3 years, not sure the cause but its not simply freon. This truck has taken 5 grown men from birmingham to ohio and illinois 4 times while pulling a large trailer. Its taken the same group numerous times to new orleans, tampa and south carolina. All I can say is it is still extremely reliable and if you have the opportunity to get a dakota with the 4.7, please do yourself a favor and jump on the opportunity. My wife is always asking when i'm going to buy a new truck and trade mine in (the paint is looking rough lol). I explain that I plan on my son who is 18 months, to drive it for is first car. I have all the confidence in the world, that with good maintenance and decent driving the truck will easily last another 15 years.

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