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The best car I have owned, truly logo 12/10/2016 Linda H.

This is my first Audi, but I have had several VWs and they are the same "family". I have owned it 6 months. It is nimble, handles the road well and it accelerates well when I need it to. I love back country roads with hills and corners and would call this a "driver's car". If you enjoy driving, this is great for that and driving is not boring. I already used the word nimble, but I emphasize this word here as it makes me smile and I often think "I am one with the car" when I drive this. I drove in ice and snow with it for the first time earlier this week. These were bad conditions and a 45 minute drive took me 2 1/2 hours and my Audi handled it like a champ, truly. Other cars were spun off to the side and this vehicle stayed on track (of course I drive according to the conditions) and my car simply did it well. As for complaints, I would say that being able to change songs on my MP3 or change stations on my radio ought to be on the steering wheel vs. the dash. I also am waiting for my first oil change (soon) to have them do something to update my GPS maps as this car doesn't "get" newer construction and simply thinks I'm off-road at times. But, aside from that, it is a joy to own and drive, so very quiet and I have to also say that not a week goes by without a stranger telling me it is "so pretty" and complimenting it. Someone helped me out of a store with something heavy not long ago and stopped in their tracks and stated "You have my dream car!" and I did enjoy that. Something is awfully fun about having people making a remark regularly about how nice the car is, I admit that. I have never felt compelled to write a review before of any car I have owned, but I love this so much that I decided that I needed to share. It is simply just a happy vehicle for me to own, I like happy!Updated, at Edmunds request at a few weeks less than one year of ownership: I still love the car. I'm still as happy as I was before. It is a great vehicle and it is all the things I said previously. I've not got about 18,000 miles on it. People literally stop me in parking lots or gas stations to tell me what a pretty car it is, and I still love that. I had an incident with the car where I avoided hitting a dog in the road (sadly it was running free) and hit a curb and destroyed a tire. It needed a front end alignment after that. Everything is fine, the vehicle handled an incident like that well and I was quickly able to adjust my driving and avoid hitting something. It brakes well, handles well, does it all.As stated previously, my only less than perfect rating is the technology. The radio is sluggish when you try to surf stations, not being able to change stations using the steering wheel is a negative on long rides. The sound is good. The GPS is "old school" and not a touch screen and it sometimes doesn't know where it is, forget trying the voice commands as it never gets what you say, even if it is said clearly. An update of that would be $420 dollars at the dealership, so no thanks on that. I have a previously purchased Garmin in the car and will use that for long trips at the same time as the navigation in this car as I now do not trust it. One time I was in the car driving in Rhode Island and it literally placed my car out in the ocean rather than on the route. That was truly bizarre. Yet, 95% of the time it works just fine. I need dependability for appointments and trips, so hence the need to have the Garmin on hand.

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