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The best car ... in the world! logo 8/17/2015

Bought a 2000 CRV in 2011 with 198,000 miles on it. It was a good decision; we have already put 60,000 miles on it with hardly any issues. Tire changes and oil changes. Biggest repair bill was a starter coil issue, can't remember how much it cost but it wasn't any financial difficulty and I replaced it myself. While they were figuring out what was wrong with my starter coil (this was at 227,000 miles) they discovered that one of the 4 cylinders was at 1/2 compression. Uh oh, time to get a new car? They said it would start overheating, I would get low gas mileage, etc. That was a year and 30,000 miles ago, it still gets 30 MPG in the summer (we trip-meter every gas tank, it's pretty consistent). Never overheated, even going 80 MPG on the Montana highways, up mountains, etc. We drove to Missouri and back since hearing the bad news. A/C and heater still work, power windows, lights, everything. Only annoyances are the seatbelts not retracting after turning off (every vehicle I've owned had this issue), road noise (spraying silicon lubricant on the old rubber weather seals around doors fixes it), and noise when making sharp left turns. Also, spare tire may explode if left in sun, best to make sure to keep a tire cover or park in garage.So here's what's up, get one of these. $4500 including repairs we paid for 60,000 miles of good gas mileage = 13 miles per $. That's better than $16,000 for a small SUV that you put 200,000 miles on, and we're still counting. Good in the snow, good in town, good in the highway. Small and easy to park anywhere, but seats 5 and storage.

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