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And still...The best drivers car available! logo 7/5/2016 PTP-22

I’m updating my original assessment of the GT350 and I’m still 100% happy with the vehicle. I’ve had the car out for a couple of road course events and it performed even better than I anticipated. The car still gets attention from everyone that sees it & I am glad that I bought it. There are many newer cars that have been launched since this car & the direct competition is the Camaro. I had the chance to buy a new ZL1 1LE but after a short drive, I passed. The GT350 can’t touch the boosted Camaro’s performance but the overall experience is superior. The sight lines and full visibility are top notch. The design is fluid and devoid of the ridiculous downforce add-on’s and the suspension (while stiff) is not overly penalizing. My good friend bought the ZL1 1LE & he summed it best, “if I had to drive one for a single race event, it’s not even close, the Camaro is a beast, but if I have to live with it, The Shelby is unbeatable .” I still feel that way. I’ve also added an Alfa 4C and the Shelby is still superior. The Alfa is a crazier car to live with but if you are looking for a total experience with top notch performance, unbelievable sounds & great driving dynamics then the GT350 is the benchmark for under $100k. I've kept the car in it’s original form except that I had the exhaust resonators removed. It’s the best $200 I’ve ever spent. Louder , angrier and a battle cry that’s heard from blocks away & unlike the Camaro or Dodge’s, it’s a naturally aspirated sound that’s impossible to find (unless you’re next to a F458). My original assessment:The last Ford Mustang that I was compelled to own was a 1990 Fox body 5.0 GT. There's been a litany of different Mustang's and special versions but nothing like this one. I'm shocked that Ford was able to dream this machine up let alone build it. I've owned 2 Porsche 911's, 3 Vette's including a ZR1, Z06 & base Z51, Ferrari 360 F1, BMW M3 Dinan, MB AMG SL63 and a 1997 Viper. Out of all of the cars, this GT350 is simply different. It's ability to combine all of the ergo comforts with the vehicle dynamics and great acceleration make it an "ultimate vehicle" of sorts. My friend has a 2015 Z28 and this one is equally incredible on the track but far greater on the streets. Another friend has a 2014 Hellcat Challenger with a stick and the GT350 walks it on the track but can't keep up on the streets. The GT350 is as happy going to the grocery store as it is on the open straights at Milan or Grattan. I've also learned how to be a better driver because the car is very neutral and allows for the driver to delve deeper into hard driving. When I was racing my buddy at Milan, the car made me feel like Senna or Prost. I simply love it and the globalization of Ford's Performance Team shows in the incredible dynamics, handling and overall ergonomics. My only warning is to be aware of your settings because this car gets too much attention from the police. The exhaust decries a noise that's a combination of a Ferrari's whaling & a Mustang's deep bass; ungodly sounds that make me giggle under acceleration. The best true drivers car I've been blessed to own.

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