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The Best Kept Secret logo 3/1/2015 ridgelineva

I loved the smooth ride of my old Odyssey but wanted a truck (6'2"). My Honda dlr just got a trade-in gold 2010 Ridgeline. Score! Quiet, power sunroof, power driver's seat, in-dash Nav, dog-proof leather, power rear window (no squeaks), quality bed liner (up over sides) w/built-in HIDDEN & DEEP trunk (no leaks), gate opens 2 ways, chrome running boards, dark wind/rain guards on windows & hood, roof rack (I added), easy 4WD button, rear cargo lights, low front running lights (I keep on always), open feet area to switch drivers, quality 6-CD sound, V6 handles full load of people and heavy stuff. Handles GREAT on highway snow/ice (even not in 4WD). Get one!

Favorite Feature : Quiet/smooth ride, hidden lockable (water-tight) trunk, bed liner comes up over sides, rear gate that opens on driver's side hinges OR down like most pick-up trucks (and super strong) (no fussing with adjustments, just grab the lever for which way you want to open it), and the cool manly look of gold body with the extra black trim around windows & hood plus black roof racks and rugged chrome/black running boards. Sound system cranks (4 good speakers), and lets you set your own Bass/Treble/etc tastes.

Suggested Improvement : My right elbow wore out the "leather" on center console, tearing it. Use durable leather or other material.

Average Rating : 5


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