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The Best Sportscar I have EVER Owned logo 9/1/2015 Nick Robinson

I have owned a '73 Z-29, (2) 1972 240-Zs, a 1971 Series 1 240Z, a 1969 Mustang GT and a 1978 Corvette. All had great points and glaring weaknesses. The Miata has no glaring weaknesses but some off-the-chart strengths. This is easily the best handling car I have ever driven. With street tread mounted on OEM 14 inch rims, and a completely stock suspension, this car takes curves with a predictability I cannot imagine will ever be improved upon. The engine pulls in every, single gear and the shifter is heavenly. The cockpit has just the right instrumentation and an honest set of mechanical gauges. Fuel economy is amazing and has never failed to deliver less than 21 mpg in town and 27 on the highway. I seldom drive this car with any consideration of fuel economy, so those numbers can be improved upon.The body is solid and well put together. The engine is pretty simple to service, as long as you are not changing the oil. That can be a bit messy. I cured that with the addition of a Cobalt Oil Filter Relocation Kit. The rear end and gearbox are dead simple to access and service. Oh, by the way, this car has a Torsen Limited Slip Differential. Amazing quality for a very low price. As for folks derisively calling this car "effete", drive the thing and then talk. It does more with the 128 base horsepower and four cylinders than my 71 240-Z could with 150. I loved my Z. I love my Miata.

Average Rating : 5


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