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The best vehicle that I have owned! logo 8/11/2015 Roger Wilson

I bought this truck in 2008 at 39k miles. It had a knocking in the front end when I turned corners. I was told it was tie rods and charged 1000 bucks to fix. No problems driving until the familiar clunk happened again last year that was worse with cold weather but eased up in warm. I got under the truck and noticed that the sway bar link rubber gasket had been totally eaten up by the mount. 15 bucks for a new one..then did the other side for fun since it was easy and cheap. I bet that was what it was when I payed 1000 bucks 7 years ago. I am now at 112k and replaced all the shocks, brake pads and the two front rotors though the front right was the only one that needed it. I put new tires on it and it now rides like it did when I bought it in 08. the rear differential seal had a gradual leak that I replaced myself as well this past weekend. It is the XLT with all leather seats and rubber floors. it is so easy to clean and no seat stains! The electric rear window is nice and I love the bed extender. The family can ride in it comfortably when I need them to as well. I thought about trading in for a 2010 but there is nothing wrong with the truck after all the maintenance work has been done. I'm going to keep it for a while longer.

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