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The CR-Z is a success for HONDA and its owners logo 4/2/2017 Sky

In spite of its apparent small size, the front cabin is full size and comparable to much larger cars. The rear hatchback area is quite good and swallows up most everything I put into the car. It is not an SUV but plenty of gear and luggage fits back there. The CR-Z is extremely economical and returns about 39-40 mpg. I have the automatic variable transmission which is smooth and reliable. The ride is quite comfortable, the seats are excellent quality and comfort. Headroom is good and the A/C is excellent. The beautiful dash instruments are amazing and very helpful. The super large digital speedometer is the greatest! It takes a few days to get used to the engine shutting down at traffic lights and it becomes normal after a while. The engine springs to life instantly whenever you release the brake. It is an amazing system. The only fair criticism of the car's design is the blind spot on the rear quarters. The rear hatch lift gate has the annoying horizontal bar of the window. After a short while, even that becomes acclimated to. Using and relying on the large side mirrors becomes a standard habit. Of course, the CR-Z is a very appealing and dynamic looking car. I frequently am given favorable comments of appearance of the car.

Average Rating : 5


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