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The Dodge that just won't die logo 12/7/2016 Slim

So for my 16th birthday i bought this little car for $1,000 and i still own it 3 years later. I have done nothing but rallied, abused, and thrashed this car. The thing refuses to die. Its got about 180,000 miles on it and the engine still runs strong. The only thing that i have replaced it the radiator and recently the transmission. The radiator went out due to jumping railroad tracks and achieving about 8" of clearance under every tire. The Neon has a automatic transmission, and i speed shift the crap out of it, and thats why i had to replace it. I blew a 4" hole in the top of the tranny puking all my fluid all over the road, so i pulled over and put some 10W30 mother oil in the hole and drove it for 2 more days like that until the bottom of the tranny blew out with all my gears. I did a tranny swap and i continue to use this car to drive from Eugene Oregon to Vancouver Washington( about 154 miles). Best little car ever.

Average Rating : 5


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