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The Forte5 SX Manual is a great car to drive. logo 8/8/2015 Forte5 SX manual owner.

This car excels in terms of design, comfort, and features. In addition, when an opportunity presents itself, the manual shifting turbo engine is wickedly good fun. Is this a car to take track-racing? Of course not, but the upside is that it's a pleasant and fun daily driver. However, know that the stiffer suspension disallows this car from being a comfortable highway cruiser when the pavement gets dicey. Nevertheless, if you're in the market for a fun-to-drive hatchback with space for 4 (not just seating, but actual space!) definitely check out the Forte5 SX. So far, my mileage has been about 3 better than the rated MPG from KIA, and that's in 50/50 mixed driving. I've also gotten (mostly) used to the much-maligned flex-steer. I rarely take it out of the 'normal' setting. On occasion I'll use 'sport' on a crowded, twisty interstate, and even less frequently I'll use 'comfort' when cruising on a well-paved, empty highway. Worth noting, even though UVO works well, the stock speakers are absolutely terrible. Given that UVO is such a key component of KIA's marketing, they should immediately discontinue the current speakers and use the Infinity upgrade materials they have available for other vehicles (but not the Forte . . .?).Finally, given KIA's incentivized sales approach, there is no way not to get a good deal. Especially on this under-marketed, under-appreciated, and undersold car. Based on all the info I can find online, I ended up paying less than inventory price by a couple hundred dollars.

Average Rating : 4


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