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The Good Bad and Ugly logo 6/13/2016 Judy Limburg

We bought our 2009 Toyota Camry XLE in the winter of 2012 with 30,000 miles on it. We now have 77,500 miles on it. We are a bit disappointed at the amount of work we've had to do on it . . . we had to have the fuel pump replaced. The struts were next. New tires and, if memory serves me, a new battery as well. And now the ABS module is on the fritz. Fortunately, the first two repairs were under warranty. But, of course, as soon as our warranty runs out, we have the MAJOR expense of the ABS module to deal with. It's at the dealership now being diagnosed. We are anticipating a repair cost of $2000 or so. Not fun. The good - the car is comfortable, reliable (mostly) and gets good gas mileage. The bad - the repairs we've had to do. When you buy a car at a reputable dealership, you don't anticipate having such major repairs to make. The ugly - the $2,000 we will most likely be stuck with when we get the call from the dealership later today.

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